Resilience as taught by nature

Much like the tulip bulb that endures the harshest winter conditions, we have the ability to grow and thrive. Think about the barren, muddy earth as it begins to thaw and the pops of colour that appear as the first tulip bulbs emerge from the frozen ground. Each bulb has endured months of cold, adverse conditions, only to survive and appear in its most amazing beauty. 

Tulips, and nature more specifically, remind us of the way that life adapts to this fragile, challenging, and ever changing planet. It reminds us that continuing to evolve even through the toughest of times, can lead to endless forms of beauty.

As humans, resilience is within us. Every time we are knocked down in life and in recovery, we must stand up braver and stronger than before. Every time we crack, we can repair the break. The trick is to honour the scars and the experience. The scars of life or the difficult times we endure tell our story. Every time a flower petal drifts slowly and sadly to the ground, we must remember that eventually a brighter one will grow in its place. With each day, we must continue to strive to become the most vibrant, full, and flowering version of ourselves.

Grow through what you go through. Resilience is about more than bouncing back. It is about learning from each experience. It's knowing that we have overcome obstacles and will do it again. Over and over again. Because we too, are part of nature and like nature, we are equally strong and resilient.

Embrace your most resilient self today.

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