Rates and Insurance Info


Initial Assessment (with Supports) – 120 Minutes

Investment: $280

Follow-Up Appointments (Supports) – 60 min

Investment: $150
Offered for clients aged 12-17.

Supports: Parents and other support persons attend all / a portion of each appointment, and are involved in care.

Initial Assessment (Individual) – 60 Minutes

Investment: $200

Follow-Up Appointments (Individual) – 50 mins

Investment: $140
Payment for individually booked services are completed at the end of each appointment and billed DIRECTLY to the client. Direct insurance billing is not offered.

Insurance Coverage:

Unfortunately at this time, Nutrition Services are not covered by the Ontario provincial health plan (OHIP). However, dietitian services may be partially or fully covered by your extended health insurance plan. You are encouraged to speak directly to your insurance provider to determine what coverage you qualify for (i.e. dietitian coverage per session or per year). Note: If your extended health plan does not cover the services of a Registered Dietitian, you can also use your Health Spending Account (amount varies based on insurance plan) towards Dietitian Services.

Once payment is received for services provided, a receipt will be issued that can be submitted to your private insurance plan for reimbursement. In accordance with strict provincial healthcare laws, each insurance receipt will be labelled with the following:

  • RD’s license number and name
  • A description of the exact services provided
  • The exact date of the nutrition session
  • The exact fee breakdown of services provided

Please Note: absolutely NO modifications to this format can be made. For instance, the date that you attend an appointment can NOT be changed in order to “use up” your benefit coverage in a given year, nor the fee breakdown per session be adjusted to better match your individual insurance policy coverage.

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