Meet Britt

Eating Disorder and Anti-Diet Dietitian

As someone who has lived through both little “t” and big “T” trauma, there was a time in my life that food and exercise rules were the only coping mechanism I could manage. I spent years of my life under a dark cloud of food fear, compulsive exercise, negative self-talk, and self-loathing. I’ve been there… entrenched in an eating disorder and past trauma. I know the hard work, strength, and resilience that it takes to overcome it. I see my past experiences as a strength, and something that have made me not only a better Dietitian, but a better person. I’m sharing this part of my story with you to help reduce the stigma around mental health and eating disorders.

In my practice as a Dietitian, I help people to Rediscover the Joy of Eating, Reconnect with their Body, and Reclaim their Life from Disordered Eating and Negative Body Image.

Beyond my professional role, I cherish my love for plants, gardening, hiking in the great outdoors, my deep connection with nature, experimenting with culinary creations, and the companionship of my beloved greyhound.

It is an honour to help those on their journey of eating disorder recovery and fostering a healthier relationship with food and body, I look forward to hearing how I can best support you as you pursue a brighter chapter. Cheers, Britt

HBScFN: Bachelor of Science in Nutrition with an Honours Specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics: Brescia University College at Western University (London, ON)

Dietetic Internship: Grand River Hospital (Kitchener, ON)

Registered Dietitian (RD)

College of Dietitians of Ontario #14793

Nutrition Counselling for Eating Disorders Course 2.0 and 3.0: Marci Evans RD Food and Body Image Healers

Body Image Training for Clinicians Course: Marci Evans RD Food and Body Image Healers

Digestive Disorders and Eating Disorders, A Complicated Mix Course: Marci Evans RD Food and Body Image Healers

Nutrition Counselling for Eating Disorders Course 2.0 and 3.0: Marci Evans RD Food and Body Image Healers

Eating Disorder Education for Registered Dietitians (EDforRDs) 1- Year Training Course: Shawna Melbourn RD, CEDRD

Binge Eating Disorder Treatment for Dietitians: EDRDPro, Aaron Flores, RD, CBTP® & Fiona Sutherland, APD, RYT

Neurodiversity Affirming Approaches in Relation to Food and Body 6-Part Series: RDs for Neurodiversity

Bridging the Gap Between Clinical Nutrition & Intuitive Eating/ Health at Every Size (HAES) Course: The Real Life RD

Treating ARFID: The Newest Eating Disorder on the Block A Web-Based Training for Dietitian Nutritionists & Eating Disorders Specialists: The ARFID RDs (Stefanie Ginsburg RD, CEDRD-S & Rebecca Thomas, RD, LDN)

+ Extensive reading list, ongoing learning, personal & professional development

During our sessions you may see my office mate, Prissy. She is a Retired Racing Greyhound that loves to sleep and make new friends!

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